Living or vacationing in Charlotte Harbor brings many activities for people of all ages.

In February, there is the Charlotte Harbor Rigatta.  This showcases the level and diversity of sailing in the Peace River.  There will be a county fair with exhibits, rides, and concessions.  We also have Florida Frontier Days.  Here, skilled crafters and performers provide hands on historic preservation activities.  We all look forward to the Greek Festival because the food is so good!

The weather will be beautiful.  I always take a dog or two and walk around.  The parks are so scenic where the activities are held.

Come join us!

Are you watching the baby eaglets grow?  Soon they will get their wings and will be flying soon.  The video cam is 24/7.  If you are an animal lover, this is a must see site!


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Sorry I haven’t been diligent about blogging.  I have been really busy at work.  Seems everyone wants to buy or sell a home here in Charlotte Harbor, FL.  The weather has been beautiful and I think everyone who came down for a visit, decided to stay!

However, something exciting happened in Fort Myers, FL!  Little baby Eaglets were born!  They are now about 2 weeks old.  Someone set up a video cam.  The mom and dad are called Ozzie and Harriet.

They are so adorable.  Take a look!

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Here is our new puppy.  She is an Italian Greyhound and we named her MIsty Blue because she is so blue in color.

She is a Toy Breed.  Italian Greyhounds have beautiful soft eyes, sensitive in nature and enjoy constant companionship.  They like to stay by their owners side.  They come in various colors. Red, Fawn, Seal and Blue.

Notorious for wheedling their way under the covers and draping themselves over people, the Italian Greyhounds physicality is part of the breeds charm.  They will sit on your lap for hours under a blanket.

Don’t get me wrong – they love to run in the yard – they are just like a Greyhound, except much smaller.  They have speed, however for shorter periods.

We plan on showing her in February, if we can get her trained by then!

Work has been very busy.  The housing market is changing for the better.  In Charlotte Harbor, we have more people looking for homes than we do homes for sale.  Prices are going up!

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This past weekend, we decided to take a short ride into Punta Gorda and go to Fisherman’s Village.  It’s located on the water.  The Village is filled with little shops that are fun to look at.  You can also jump on one of the boats that cruise the water.  Some of the cruises will take you to a little island where you can have lunch.  This time, we did not do that.  I will post information about those cruises another time.

The murrow I posted is on the side of a hotel located on the water

The City of Punta Gorda was incorporated on December 7, 1887.  It is one of the most deeply rooted cities on the West Coast of the State of Florida and the oldest in Charlotte County.  The City grounds were initially owned by Col.Isaac Trabue, a successful lawyer from Kentucky, and by his wife Virginia Taylor. The City, originally known as Trabue City, was surveyed by Kelly B. Harvey. Its first lots were sold during the state exposition of 1885; and soon after that, the first settlers arrived in the company of the Florida Southern Railway.  Within the next few years, a group government. The City of Punta Gorda was born as a thriving settlement on the crossroads of the Florida Southern Railway and the Morgan Steamship Line on Charlotte Harbor –with regular service to Havana, Key West, and New Orleans.

The transportation of cattle, phosphate, and large quantities of fish and seafood became the primary economic source of the City of Punta Gorda. In fact, it was never meant as a fisherman’s village but as a complex intersection of various modes of transportation where boats had always a recreational focus.

In a series of insurance maps, drawn by the Sanborn Insurance Company in 1909, the layout of the city reveals a series of clues about its development history. For instance, the block system shows how the city was meant to be read as a conglomeration of houses on relatively small lots. The plans also represent the hierarchy of the domestic buildings –in terms of materials and configuration, the presence of commercial environments supported by shaded sidewalks with wooden colonnades, and the general order of things. But, most importantly, this sequence of maps allows the normal resident of Punta Gorda understand the morphology of the city structure, the spatial hierarchy of its public spaces, and the significance of specific buildings in the overall context of the city.

One of these buildings was the old Punta Gorda Hotel (aka: Hotel Charlotte Harbor c. 1928) at the corner of Taylor and Marion Avenues. Undoubtedly, a resort hotel was essential to the prosperity of the railway system. In effect, one of the railway real estate development corporations was the entity that actually built the Punta Gorda Hotel. The hotel had a beautiful lawn along the riverfront and, for a long time, it was the largest facility of its kind in south Florida -with room for more than 3,000 on the water. Punta Gorda has quite a history.

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Yesterday we decided we would go to the movies.  We went to see the movie Life Of Pi.  It was just amazing.  I am such an animal lover, that anything with an animal, I have to see.

I didn’t know if this movie was fictional.  I found out it is.  Then, I didn’t know how they made the animals interact the way they did.  I found this on   I am always in awe of people being creative.  I will probably want to see this movie again the more I learn about how it’s made.

If you find more articles on this, please let me know!

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Watching Chip Perling work on his Sand Sculpture was incredible! Such intensity and skill…..














There was not a cloud in the sky - the tempurature outside was 70, so we decided to go see the sand sculptures in Fort Myers.  It was absolutely amazing.  The people working on the sculptures barely noticed people all around.  There were going to be prizes awarded at the end of the day and they were all perfecting their work.

One person fascinated me.  His name is Chip Perling and he is out of Orlando, FL.  He has been doing this for 25 years.  His technique and sculpting skills were like none other.  He made sure every line was perfect.  The steadiness of hand and thought that this took, made this sculpture something to see.  He made the piece look real and not made of sand.

I can’t wait to see him compete again!  He is amazing!

I will add another page later today to see other sculptures I saw.

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Come and enjoy the beautiful blue water and clean sand at Ponce de Leon Park. It’s the perfect place to relax.









All the plaques say something different about Ponce de Leon










Interesting reading









Being a Realtor, it always interests me to see all the historic sites in Charlotte Harbor.  This is the beach where Ponce de Leon discovered FL.  He was looking for the fountain of youth and after living here myself, I believe living here, keeps you healthy and happy.  It’s such a great location to relax and enjoy the weather.

Here is a website I found, including a video…..

On Saturday we are going to go to Fort Myers and see the sand sculptors.  I plan to take lots of photos…..

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your friends and family.  That’s what this day is all about.


Chef Salad with Pepperoni – every bite was fresh, crisp and tasty.  AWESOME!

Lenny C’s Chicken Wings with Teriyaki Sauce – DELICIOUS!














Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day.  Here in Charlotte Harbor, every weekend, there are craft fairs and farmers markets.   We went to several and found some great deals as well as ideas.  I think I can be creative.  We will see how well that goes.

Then, we decided to go to Lenny C’s again in Fort Myers, FL.  The food was just as wonderful as it was the week before.  We had Chicken Wings with Teriyaki Sauce as well as a Chef Salad.  It was enough for 2 people.  Of course, for dessert, we had Chicago Style Pizza.  Lenny makes his own sauce which is outstanding.  He is originally from a suburb of Chicago.

Next Sunday there is a Chicago Bears game.  I understand every TV at Lenny C’s is turned to the game and the fans pour in.  We are going to try and go so I can get in on the Bears excitement and see for myself the die hard fans here in FL.

I am originally from Chicago and I remember going to the games with my dad, and sitting in the bleachers and freezing.  I couldn’t wait for the game to be over just to warm up.  Funny how I miss those days.

Another beautiful day. I plan to go to Ponce de Leon park.  More later………












Yesterday was Veteran’s Day.  So many of us know and love someone that served in one war or another.

My dad served in WWII and he was on the front lines.  It’s been many years since he passed away.  He was a kind, gentle man who stood 6’2″ with a very deep voice who looked “scary” to all my prospecitve dates!

There is one story from the war that I learned after he passed away.  Going thru his papers, I found a letter written to his parents about how he saved a families life.  This was a family in hiding.  My dad found them in a dirty cellar, with no food and water.  He and his troop brought them to safety.

The letter spoke of how my dad carried out their children and how safe they felt in his arms.  They said they would never forget him.  It brought tears to my eyes knowing my dad was a hero.

So, if you know or love a veteran, please let them know how they are appreciated. They are all heros who fight for our country.

We are lucky to live in the USA!