Living or vacationing in Charlotte Harbor brings many activities for people of all ages.

In February, there is the Charlotte Harbor Rigatta.  This showcases the level and diversity of sailing in the Peace River.  There will be a county fair with exhibits, rides, and concessions.  We also have Florida Frontier Days.  Here, skilled crafters and performers provide hands on historic preservation activities.  We all look forward to the Greek Festival because the food is so good!

The weather will be beautiful.  I always take a dog or two and walk around.  The parks are so scenic where the activities are held.

Come join us!

Are you watching the baby eaglets grow?  Soon they will get their wings and will be flying soon.  The video cam is 24/7.  If you are an animal lover, this is a must see site!


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Sorry I haven’t been diligent about blogging.  I have been really busy at work.  Seems everyone wants to buy or sell a home here in Charlotte Harbor, FL.  The weather has been beautiful and I think everyone who came down for a visit, decided to stay!

However, something exciting happened in Fort Myers, FL!  Little baby Eaglets were born!  They are now about 2 weeks old.  Someone set up a video cam.  The mom and dad are called Ozzie and Harriet.

They are so adorable.  Take a look!

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