Yesterday was Veteran’s Day.  So many of us know and love someone that served in one war or another.

My dad served in WWII and he was on the front lines.  It’s been many years since he passed away.  He was a kind, gentle man who stood 6’2″ with a very deep voice who looked “scary” to all my prospecitve dates!

There is one story from the war that I learned after he passed away.  Going thru his papers, I found a letter written to his parents about how he saved a families life.  This was a family in hiding.  My dad found them in a dirty cellar, with no food and water.  He and his troop brought them to safety.

The letter spoke of how my dad carried out their children and how safe they felt in his arms.  They said they would never forget him.  It brought tears to my eyes knowing my dad was a hero.

So, if you know or love a veteran, please let them know how they are appreciated. They are all heros who fight for our country.

We are lucky to live in the USA!

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